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   LIKE MANY PEOPLE IN THE HORSE WORLD, I have been horse crazy as far back as I can remember.   Through elementary school I went to the stables every day after school and cleaned stalls until dark, just so I could ride a rent horse for an hour at the end of my week’s work.   During Junior High and High School, I attended a girl’s boarding school where we basically did math, English and History in the morning and rode horses all afternoon.  It was called a “prep school.”  They bred, raised and showed Arabian horses.  As far as I could tell, we were being “prepped” to win ribbons for the school!


   The school did foster my interest in Arabian horses.  So as an adult I had a very nice Arabian mare whom I bred to top lines and produced a lovely filly.


   For many years I fantasized about crossing the Arabian and the Andalusian.   I was fond of the qualities each of these breeds possessed.  I spent about 15 years studying about the Andalusian breed. Both breed’s conformation types would be complimentary if bred to the other. I believed that the cross of the two breeds would create the “ultimate” horse. 


   Little did I know before I got into it that there were military breeders that had the same idea about 300 years before I did!  The Hispano-Arabe has been favored for centuries as a perfect mount for battle.  I have bred 7 of them, each one as wonderful as the next and each one loved dearly by the people who have purchased them.  And I am totally addicted to the delight of having new foals to play with each Spring.


   Because of my affection and high regard for the Hispano-Arabe horse, our beautiful stallion FS Tesoro Nobel has been Sweepstakes nominated to breed to Arabian mares.


   As the years passed and I spent more time around the Andalusians, I knew I had to have a purebred of my own.  With all the knowledge I had gathered through the years, finding my ideal perfect foundation mare was not going to be an easy task.  It took me two years looking in three countries.  When I found her at the Denham Ranch, she was only two years old.  I was going to have to wait a long time before I could start breeding her.  The wait was worth it.  I’ve produced and seen some nice fillies and mares but I still believe my Kiva to be the loveliest of them all!


   Kiva was bred  to the handsome Favorito D and I waited a year for my first purebred bay Andalusian foal.  The Denhams also looked forward to the results of this breeding.  Much to our surprise Kiva gave birth to a ravishing, feisty and very lovely little “red head’!


   At first I was very upset.  I had been convinced by many who believe that your horse is only valuable if it can be registered in the Spanish Stud book.  At the time the Spanish would not accept chestnuts into their stud book, even if both of their parents are in the stud book.


   I was devastated until I learned that I had the genes to make palomino foals !  In the US a purebred is a purebred no matter what color it is.


   We are happy to announce that we are producing beautiful Palominos, bays and chestnut foals for your consideration.


   We started our breeding operation in the mountains of Julian California and have since moved to Escondido, California.  We are between Del Mar and the Wild Animal Park.  Please take a day to come visit us and meet our family.


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FS Esperanza Dorada

Palomino Andalusian

A Saphiro daughter

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We only produce 1 or 2 foals a year. This is so I can personally imprint and handle each one daily.  We have found that this makes a big difference in how well they grow to adapt and bond to humans and increases their willingness to want to do what is expected of them.


Each one of our foals has a blessing ceremony.  Thai monks from a local monastery come and chant wishes for the foal to grow to have wisdom be strong, brave, healthy and victorious!


Then all the guests are invited to a Thai Food feast!  Below is a photo of our Bravio daughter, Sati Ajahn,  who was especially interested in what the monks were chanting about so she stayed close to listen to them.

The Blessing of the Monks